Silver Coins are collectible items from Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. There are a total of 30 coins that can be found in green chests within dungeons however. Some of them are invisible and require a see-all nut or a scan grenade to see them. Collecting all 30 of them gives you the option to enter a sound test in the main menu.

Locations Edit

Fog Castle Edit

[F2] To the left of the staircase, a invisible chest in the middle of two columns.

Small Cave Edit

To the south in a medium room with two Ghouls

Small Cave Silver Coin Location

Gate of The Dead Edit

On the ground floor of the penultimate room

Gate of The Dead Silver Coin Location

Catacomb Edit

Ancient Forest Edit

Bloodrust Mansion Edit

In the Clock Puzzle room, enter on the small room to the right.

Bloodrust Mansion Silver Coin Location