Professor Sheridan
Concept Art
Age:Around 30~50s (Not confirmed)
Features:Upgrades Weapons
First appearance:Lunar Knights
Voice actor:Greg Dale
Specific to Lunar Knights, Professor Sheridan is a quirky, rather strange scientist who studies just about anything. He specializes, though, in the effects of the ParaSOL. Each time a Terrennial is freed from the respective Casket Armor it is imbued in, a new part of the paraSOL becomes accessible, which respectively grants access to a new climate. Sheridan uses the ParaSOL to change climates, which can drastically affect game play. Sheridan also specializes in weapon reformation. Given the proper materials, Sheridan can upgrade Aaron and Lucian's weapons, providing them with enhanced stats and certain perks (e.g. faster fire rate, longer range, etc.).


  • Sheridan is most likely named after Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu, an Irish writer of Gothic tales. One of his best known works is the vampire novel Carmilla (which is also the name of his maid).

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