Shinbok Ghoul Manual Book

A Ghoul, an enemy commonly found in the series.

This page is about the various non-boss enemies encountered in the Boktai games.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your HandEdit


A very weak enemy that flaps around trying to attack Django. A bat will constantly follow the player until it is defeated.


One of the major monster types. Birdlike creatures that can be found in the abandoned Sol City. They attack with petrifying grey beams that prevent Django from moving for a few seconds if hit. Cockatrices sleep from 12-12:30 p.m.

  • Red Cockatrice

Just like normal Cockatrices, except red. Summoned by Carmilla during her fight with Django.

Ghoul (Bok)Edit

One of the major monster types in Boktai, and also one of the most common. Ghouls are green and kind of like zombies. They attack with Klorofolun if they find Django. Boks sleep from 6-6:30 a.m. In addition to normal Boks, there are several other types:

  • Ghoul Ghost (Vanibok)

Pale white ghouls which disappear when exposed to sunlight, but are very visible when in the dark.

  • Icy Cool Ghoul (Chillbok)

Blue ghouls that attack with Chillun. The FLAME solar gun lens works well against them.

  • Fiery Hot Ghoul (Burnbok)

Ghouls that attack with Burnnun. The FROST solar gun lens works well against them.

  • Red Ghoul

Just like normal Boks, except red.

  • Grey Ghoul

Just like normal Boks, except grey.


One of the major monster types. According to Otenko, Golems are soulless statues made by ancient magic. If a Golem finds Django, it will roll up into a ball to attack. Golems sleep from 3-3:30 a.m.

  • Clay Golem

Brown golems made out of clay.

  • Ice Golem

Blue golems made of ice, which are weak to fire.

  • Iron Golem

Black golems made out of iron, which are stronger than Clay Golems.


A dark substance that Boks use to attack. It comes in several different types in addition to the normal purple. When Klorofolun comes into contact with Django, it sticks and begins to drain his life. Fortunately, it can be shaken off or destroyed with solar energy. It is probably supposed to be "Chloroform."

  • Burnnun

Red Klorofolun used by Burnboks, which sets Django on fire.

  • Chillun

Blue Klorofolun used by Chillboks, which freezes Django, slowing him down.

There is also a type used by Vaniboks, which, like the Vaniboks, is only visible in darkness. (Note: There is no official name for this type.)


Tentacles that stick out of the water and throw ice blocks. If Django gets too close to one, it will grab him and squeeze him, draining his life.

  • Blue Kraken

Just like normal Kraken, except blue.


A nasty creature disguised as a treasure chest. If Django gets too close and tries to open one, it will attack him.

  • Green Mimics

Just like normal mimics, but green.


One of the major monster types. Mummies cannot see, but have excellent hearing. They attack by biting and throwing bombs. If Django sets one on fire, it will run around frantically, and will set any other Mummies it runs into on fire as well. Mummies sleep from 9-9:30 a.m.

  • Blue Mummy

Just like normal Mummies, except blue.

  • Red Mummy

Just like normal Mummies, except red.


Another weak enemy, which flies at Django to attack. They will glide around Django for a time, then fly in a straight line directly at him. If they miss, they will begin gliding again.


Spiders crawl around and spin webs. If Django gets caught in a web, any nearby Spiders will come and attack him.

  • Red Spider

Just like normal Spiders, except they can poison Django.


A strange enemy that is usually invisible except for a set of moving footprints. If Django uses a See-All Nut or a Scan Grenade, he can see them. If he touches or is found by one, it will attack with a pattern of nine large spikes that come out of the ground. After the attack, the Step itself will appear where the central spike was.

-Note: They appear to be either semi incorporeal, or their mass lies in the footprints; as shot-type attacks completely miss them.

Boktai 2: Solar Boy DjangoEdit


Similarly to the bats in Boktai 1, bats are weak enemies that fly around and attack Django.

  • Vampire Bat

Just like a regular bat, but stronger and has the ability to suck HP from Django.


Flying insects maddened by the Undeadening. Home in on prey and sting to attack.

  • Poison Bee

Just like a regular bee, but green and poisonous.

  • Killer Bee


A giant centipede which curls up and lunges at it's prey. It's body is heavily armored and can only be hurt by a strike to the head.


Canine beasts driven feral by the Undeadening.


Boney enemies that moce in a slow drudge. They attack by swinging their arms, and regenerate when defeated with a non-element attack.

  • Skeleton Fencers

Just like regular skeletons, but they attack with swords.

  • Skeleton Archers

Just like regular skeletons, but they attack with a bow and arrows.


Gelatinous enemies that do not move unless attacked, or touched. Attacks by hurling itself at it's target. When a significant amount of damage is dealt, then the slime will split in two. If attacked with it's weak property, the slime will not split.

  • Yellow Slime

The basic slime, is immmune to all properties. Has a lime-green center.

  • Green Slime

A green, poisonous slime. Has a yellow center.

  • Purple Slime

A purple slime that stuns it's prey. Has a blue center.

  • Black Slime

A black slime that can either burn or freeze it's prey. Has a yellow center.