Boktai: The Sun is in Your HandEdit

Green AppleEdit

A fruit that restores a low amount of health

Red AppleEdit

A fruit that restores a medium amount of health

Gold AppleEdit

A fruit that restores a high amount of health

Heal FruitEdit

A fruit that fully restores health

Solar NutEdit

A nut that recharges the Gun Del Sol 's battery

See-All NutEdit

Reveals hidden objects like pitfalls or invisible chests

Tiptoe NutEdit

Allows Django to move silently without his footstep making noise

Speed NutEdit

Increases how fast Django can move


Gives Django extra strength allowing him to pull Coffins and push blocks faster

Evil BananaEdit

Gives Django extra strength, but gives him a status effect


Shrinks Django down to a small size (Using any other status change item causes Django to regrow (ex.Speed Nut ,Banana ,Blueshroom) 


Makes Django invisible for a set time or until he takes damage 

Flame NutEdit

Reduces flame damage

Ice NutEdit

Reduces ice damage


Makes Django invincible


Makes Django immune to damage for a set time

Empty GourdEdit

Warps Django outside a dungeon

Solar LeafEdit

Warps Django to the Solar Tree

Bad PumpkinEdit

Lowers the level of Undead in the next Dungeon


Revives Django upon death

x2 CarrotEdit

Plant with other fruits and nuts at the Solar Tree for a higher item yield

Fast CarrotEdit

Plant with other fruits and nuts at the Solar Tree for a faster grow time

Rotten NutEdit

Restores life, but blurres vision

Tonniar .RMEdit

An ancient totem that brings rain making your solar sensor unusable until the next day

Mr. RainnotEdit

An ancient totem that brings sunshine making your solar sensor produce its own energy until sunset

Sunny ClogEdit

This clog controls the sky clearing away clouds making the solar sensor usable again

Life FruitEdit

Collecting four boosts your health meter

Fool CardEdit

Resests an area if Django accedentally traps himself

Dark CardEdit

Summons the shady loan shark

Silver CoinsEdit

Collecting all 30 of them gives you access to sound test in the main menu

Sol EmblemEdit

Opens sealed Sol doors in the Azure Sky Tower

Frost EmblemEdit

Opens sealed Frost doors in the Azure Sky Tower

Dark EmblemEdit

Opens sealed Dark doors in the Azure Sky Tower

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