Frame info


Power C
ENE Cost A (35 ENE/shot)
Effect Normal shot.

Lobs a rapid-fire Solar shots

Location Lifeless Town B - North in a little room.

Calamity it's a type of Frame in that makes appearance in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counter Attack. it's like Calamity from Boktai 1 but in Boktai 3, the Shots are more small and faster.

Gameplay Edit

Calamity Frame makes the Gun del Sol can Shot five bullet at high speed.

  • By Holding the fire boton (B) it can be change the direction where it will land.

Location Edit

Lifeless Town B - A little room in the North with 6 weight switch, press all of switches and will appear a green chest with the Gun inside.


Game CaptureEdit