Boktai 3 Sabatas Counterattack - Bomber 0

Sprite of Bomber in the Menu.

its a type of Frame in that makes apparence in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counter Attack.

its sustitute for the Grenade in the original Boktai 1.


  • Power: S
  • ENE Cost: C (15 ENE/shot)
  • Effect: Grenade Shot. Lobs a grenade shot. Causes noise.
  • Location: White Forest A - West of Snow Field



The Bomber frame makes the Gun del Sol act like a Bomb from the original game, it throws a Solar seed that can go over walls in a short distance, that explotes in an small Area of Effect, making sound where it lands. The explotion can easily Knock Back normal enemys, and some Bosses.

  • It has the unique property of begin able to destroy Damage Walls in the dungeuons.
  • By Holding the fire boton (B) it can be chage the direction where it will land.


  • Its the only frame (outside of Fighter) that is needed to finsih the game.

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